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The toaster is preset for browning 2 slices of
bread to a medium (#4) setting. Custom settings
will adjust the time required to achieve the
browning shade you selected.
If you desire a custom setting, select one or
more of the following:
4-6 Slice – Increases toasting time for preparing
four to six slices of toast.
Bagel – Adds correct amount of time to toast
cycle for bagels. Can also use this button for
English muffins and thickly sliced breads.
Defrost – Will defrost, then toast your item.
Adds time to the toast cycle for defrosting.
Reheat – For reheating pretoasted bread. Will
reheat without browning.
Note: To prepare one slice without overtoasting,
press the toast button and choose a lighter
browning setting than usual.
When choosing these custom settings, a red
LED light will come on above the selected
feature button(s). You can combine as many as
three of these custom settings simultaneously to
customize your toasting cycle. The Reheat
setting can only be combined with the 4-6 Slice
Stop Toasting
When the toasting cycle is finished, the oven will
beep 5 times and turn off.
If you wish to stop the toasting cycle before it is
finished, simply press the Start/Stop button. The
toaster oven broiler will cancel your toast cycle
and hold your browning selection in memory
until you change the selection or unplug the
unit. The browning selection will return to the
number 4 medium setting when the oven is
Important notes on toasting use
The Toast button must be pressed first before
you can choose your custom or browning
The oven rack must be in rack position B as
indicated in the diagram on page 11.
The timer can only be used with the bake
or broil selections.
Helpful browning notes
Toasting is a combination of drying and cooking
the bread. Therefore, differences in denseness
and moisture level from one bread to another
can result in varying toasting times.
For slightly dry bread or thinly sliced bread, use
a lighter setting than you normally would, as it
will toast more quickly.
For very fresh bread, thickly sliced bread or
whole wheat bread, use a darker setting than
normal. Dense, moist bread may also require a
darker setting.
Breads with very uneven surfaces (such as
English muffins) will require a darker toast
setting. For English muffins, we suggest you use
the Total Touch
browning selection on the
custom settings panel and setting #6.
Thickly cut pieces of bread (including bagels)
will take longer, since more moisture must be
evaporated from the bread before toasting
occurs. We suggest you use the Total Touch
browning selection which will add to the normal
toasting time. For moister breads or very thick
pieces, you may need to make the toast setting
darker than you normally would. Very thick
pieces may require two cycles.
Before toasting bagels, slice each bagel into two
equal halves. Select the Bagel button, which
adds the extra time needed for toasting most
When toasting raisin or other fruit breads and
muffins, remove any loose fruit, etc. from the
surface of the bread before placing into the
This will help prevent pieces from falling and
baking onto the crumb tray.
This oven can be adjusted for four slices of
toast by pressing the 4-6 Slice button on the
custom settings control panel. To prevent
overtoasting of a single slice, select the Toast
button and set browning control to a lighter
setting than you normally would.
4-6 Slice Button
The unique 4-6 Slice feature will add the right
amount of time to toast 4-6 slices of bread at
1. Place 4 to 6 slices of bread on the center of
the oven rack, 2 to 3 slices in the front and
2 to 3 slices in the back. Close oven door.
2. Press Toast button.