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1) Pizza Bake
Bake everything from a 12" pizza, stuffed
mushrooms and roasted chicken to cakes
and pies. Because the Cuisinart
Heat™ Toaster Oven Broiler has been
designed with our Exact Heat
everything comes out mouth-watering and
1a) Oven Temperature
Select your desired temperature and the
oven will beep to let you know when your
temperature is reached.
2) Broil
Broiling is fast and easy. The Cuisinart
Exact Heat
Toaster Oven Broiler comes
with a broiling pan and drip tray for your
3) Toast
The Toast button allows toasting of a wide
variety of breads and bagels.
The oven easily holds 6 large slices. It is
preset to toast 2 slices of standard white
3a) Total Touch
Browning Selection
Select from seven browning settings
memorized by the toaster oven broiler.
Combine with custom settings for toast the
way you want it. Push the Lighter button to
make toast lighter. Push the Darker button
to make toast darker. Your browning
selection is indicated at the bottom of the
clock display and will remain in the oven’s
memory until you change it.
3b) LCD Bar
The row of dots increases when Darker is
pushed, and decreases when Lighter is
selected. The LCD window indicates the
level of brownness, light to dark, from
setting one (1) through seven (7).
3c) Custom Settings for 4-6 Slice Toasting
Touchpad control adjusts toasting time
when you’re toasting four to six slices and
gives you accurate browning results
without overtoasting. LED indicator lights
when selected.
3d) Custom Setting for 1-Slice Toasting
(not shown)
When toasting one slice, press the Toast
button and set the browning control at a
lighter setting than for 6 slices.
3e) Custom Setting for Bagels
Touchpad control adds the right amount of
time to the browning cycle for toasting
bagels. Also use for English muffins and
thick bread slices. LED indicator lights
when selected.
3f) Custom Setting for Defrost
Touchpad control defrosts and then toasts
frozen bread by adding time to the toast
cycle chosen by the browning control. LED
indicator lights when selected.
3g) Custom Setting for Reheat
Touchpad control reheats without browning.
LED indicator lights when selected.
3h) Combination Settings (not shown)
The four Perfect Timing
custom settings
can be combined to give you the toast you
want. Press the Toast button and the Bagel
button for a sliced bagel toasted to your
liking. Combine the 4-6 Slice button,
Defrost button and the Bagel button to
defrost, then toast 4 bagel halves. For
English muffins, press the Bagel button.
See Combining Custom Settings section
for possible combinations (page 10).
4) Always Even™ Shade Control
(not shown)
Electronically monitors and adjusts the
oven’s internal temperature to provide
consistent toasting results from one use to
the next. Heating elements deliver even
heat for uniform browning.
5) Clock
Time is always displayed.
5a) Hour and minute function
Use to set clock and timer.